Party Line Diagram

Telephone Partyline Diagram

This is a diagram of the Talkee Telephone Partylines

About Live Rooms & Back Rooms

  • Capacity might differ from line to line but rooms usually hold up to 8 callers each.

While In A Room

  • Press 8 to hear how many other callers are in the room.
  • Press 7 to jump to the next room.
  • Press 6 to jump to the previous room.
  • Press 0 anytime to go back to the main menu.
  • To go private with another caller in a room you can both press 36, or both press 37, at the same time.

About Bulletin Boards

  • The last message in becomes the first message out.

About Virtual Chat

Virtual Chat, also known as CB, is different from personals or voice mail because there is a live person on the other end that you can choose to respond to and they can choose to respond to you almost instantly.

  1. You record a live greeting for other callers to hear.
  2. You listen to other callers' greetings.
  3. You can choose to reply to a caller's greetings with a message or skip to the next caller.
  4. If someone responds to your greeting, or your message, you will be notified and be given a chance to reply.

About Buddy locator

  • Buddy locator tells you where in the system your friends are located.

About Directory

  • Directories might vary from system to system but they are a good resource for other kinds of phone lines.