Party Line Diagram

California Party Lines

LA Raven 916-290-5361

LA Butt Monkey (New) 925-401-9201

Long Beach Raven 415-593-8968
Mama Loach  510-225-4503

Hotel California 415-593-8967

Compton Raven 530-419-9008

Oakland Raven 510-225-4504

Club 30 916-290-5362

LA Blade 408-597-0026
Long Beach Blade 415-593-8966 is ready for use. Post photos, personals, find chat lines in your area or nationwide. Sign up today

Telephone Party Lines, like the internet, can be accessed by the general public.
There are rules put in place for your own protection.

  1. Callers should to be at least 18 years of age to talk on the line.
  2. Callers should never ever three-way anyone from the party line to an outside number.
  3. We advise callers to never give out any personal information, such as the real name, phone number or address.
  4. We advise callers to never meet anyone they speak to on the line.